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"The Memory Treasure Hunt" Training Kit
Trainee Exercise Books 1- 2
(basic and advanced level)
"The Memory Treasure Hunt" Training Kit includes the following items :-
  1. One Trainer's Manual (with 1 CD)
  2. One set of Trainee Exercise Books 1 - 4 ( with 2 CDs)
  3. Five Sets of cued cards:

    Story telling (50pcs)

    Sequencing (60 pcs)

    Chucking (70 pcs)

    Figure-ground (20 pcs)

    Community landmark (20 pcs)
The Training Kit is specially designed for Chinese older people with early memory loss or early dementia. The training comprises 36 chapters in 9 units. Training domains include five memory elements : attention, registration & recall, verbal fluency, perception & problem solving, and we have designed a series of lessons in brain games & exercises based on these elements.
Memory Elements
"The Memory Treasure Hunt" training kit is supplied with assessment tools and self-rated memory questionnaire to measure the changes of memory function before and after the training program. The kit can be purchased from our agency at the following price:

Trainee Exercise Books 1 or 2 is $30 each,
Full set of "The Memory Treasure Hunt" training kit is $1200.

* picutures of "The Memory Treasure Hunt" Training Kit and the Trainee Exercise Books 1 - 4 are for reference only.



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